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Elean Garden Village, Cambridge

Preliminary Design Statement
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  • The village will comprise of 450 homes, creating a totally inclusive community.

  • The entire village will be heated from waste heat, currently being rejected to atmosphere, by the adjacent power station.

  • The village square will comprise, Pub, Local Shop, Crèche, Community Centre, Cricket Pitch, and Bowls Club.

  • The Community centre will be connected to all homes by Intranet. This will allow the Community Centre Manager, to communicate village activities, such as Girl Guides, Boy Scouts, Combined Cadet Force, Bridge, Bowls, Cricket Clubs, and other activities, further fostering a sense of community, and inclusion. The Manager will welcome new residents, and inform them of these facilities.

  • Allotments and greenhouses, will be available, for villagers to grow their own fruit and vegetables, waste heat from the power station, will heat the greenhouses, allowing the cultivation of exotic fruit and vegetables. There will be a weekly market, where this produce will be available for sale, and local farmers encouraged to bring and sell their products. This will also encourage the adjacent villages of Mepal, and Sutton, to participate, further fostering village interaction.

  • Open space will be available encouraging games, and exercise.

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